Research-led personas inform strategic vision for NHS Professionals

BrandPointZero needed user research expertise to help NHS Professionals understand their target audience and define a marketing strategy that would grow their talent bank.

What we did: 

  • We conducted a survey of circa. 10K healthcare professionals, to understand the motivations and challenges they faced during recruitment and employment.
  • Next came co-design workshops with a sample of the same healthcare professionals, designing – with them – personas and empathy maps that built on the quantitative data from the surveys.
  • The output was a set of clear, evidence-based user personas illustrating pains, needs, goals, motivation, and behaviour.

This provided crystal-clear ammunition for the NHS Professionals team to use in their strategic 3-year vision, marketing, and communications. 

Critically, these personas were used almost immediately to help devise the emergency Covid 19 attraction strategy. The results were instantaneous and NHS Professionals were providing clinical and nursing staff to London’s Nightingale hospital within five days of instruction.