UX Training & Mentoring

If you’re looking to harness the power of UX in your organisation we can help you embed user centred design thinking, upskill your team and improve outcomes on your digital projects.

Over the last 20 years we’ve worked on projects with organisations like the University of Bristol, The Institute of Environmental Analytics, NHS, the Department of Health, Hitachi and Saco.

We ran a 10 week part-time UX design course for 3 years in partnership with digital skills accelerator DevelopMe, that taught the key skills required to practice UX to those transitioning into the UX industry, or those wanting to upskill in-role.

We’ve distilled all our knowledge and experience into a portfolio of training workshops, talks and mentoring.

Why harness the power of UX in your organisation?

UX is proven to:

  • Increase collaboration
  • Reduce time to delivery
  • Decrease risk to projects/clients
  • Create happy users
  • Deliver return on investment

In-context training workshops

We offer “in context” training workshops that teach UX thinking techniques and practical processes on the job.

In context – we believe that learning new skills works best if you can immediately apply it to your day-to-day. We tailor our workshops to your current or forthcoming projects, training your core team to apply UX thinking from day one to real-life situations rather than abstract examples.


  • UX Essentials
  • User needs and Information Architecture
  • Research planning and user testing
  • Sketching and wireframing to test ideas
  • How to make your digital offering user centred
  • User research techniques that anyone can deploy
  • How to run design sprints

“Working alongside Ollie and Becky has been a tremendous help for improving all aspects of my skills, particularly regarding effective communication with both clients and colleagues, and creating a sleek user experience.”

“It was perfectly pitched in terms of content and length and covered a lot without feeling rushed or overwhelming.”

“It was a brilliant workshop. I learnt how to analyse priorities when considering UX development and really make the most out of internal resources.”

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1:1 Expert Mentoring

Support and empower your team to better embed digital skills and processes. This can standalone or be especially useful alongside our training. Personal, regular sessions with Becky or Ollie on a monthly basis. Our mentoring will:

  • Help embed UX practice day-to-day
  • Give a sounding board and support network with an expert peer
  • Provide practical expert advice tailored to what’s happening with you or your projects
  • Help you develop confidence in-role

Mentoring includes support via email, Slack or Teams between sessions and is usually held remotely.

“I could never have done this without you, Becky! So thank you so very much – for everything. You literally saved my life with this mentoring. I am so happy right now. Just knowing you are here makes so much difference. Best mentor ever.”

“Ollie is a committed and supportive leader. He has the power to help people grow and see the best in people.”

“Becky, and Ollie, you need to feel VERY proud of the work you have done with each of the mentees! You have truly transformed their lives and journey. Confidence is a big gift, which you have enabled them to reach!“

“These sessions have given me a really good confidence boost, I can now introspect on the me I want to become. We’re rewiring how I want to work and what work is. Your training workshops gave me a lot of ideas and confidence with UX process. I feel like the fog has lifted after today’s mentoring session.”

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