User research brings 147% increase in revenue for Chew Valley Trees

Chew Valley Trees, a specialist tree grower and seller, approached us because visits to their e-commerce site weren’t converting to sales and they weren’t sure how to improve it.

In order to solve their conversions issue, we needed to find out what was going on. We conducted remote user testing, which is where real people, matching the target audience, follow a brief to use and buy products on the website whilst feeding back on their experience. We also interviewed their sales team and customers and audited the experience of their current website.

The research uncovered that people wanted help finding trees based on their needs rather than by a product name or category. This led to an overhaul of the navigation and the introduction of a Tree Finder tool. Rather than presenting the navigation in a way that was understood by the business, we changed it to reflect how customers looked for products. The Tree Finder tool quickly and visually led people through steps that assessed their need and took them straight to relevant products.

Our aim was for a 25% increase in online revenue, which was ambitious. We exceeded all targets!

Our work delivered:

  • 85% increase in conversion rate
  • 147% increase in revenue
  • 29% increase in average order value

“Deckchair delivered. User research was not something we had commissioned before so it was a leap of faith. By finding out what our customers needed and building the website around them, it’s led to excellent results for our business. We are now getting a more steady stream of business all year round and fewer confused customer support emails.”

Simon Scarth, Managing Director