Street Pianos project reaches over 10 million globally

Street Pianos provoke people into engaging and claiming ownership of their urban landscape.

The old website had a large number of visits but engagement was low – the website was dated and didn’t enable easy interaction. The challenge was to increase engagement.

Customer insight from user research, and auditing the website’s user experience showed us that the most popular pages were the piano locations – people wanted information and wanted to upload their own content whilst they were at the physical piano locations. We knew this meant that it was critical for the website to have a seamless experience on mobile devices.

Using the research findings, the design and development team restructured and redesigned around piano location pages; focusing on user-generated photos and videos, as well as interactive maps to help people locate pianos near them. A revised layout and improved calls to action created a clear journey for people to share, view and discuss content. And last but not least, it was fully responsive and centred on mobile uploads.

The result?

  • Over 100,000 members have added content, visited and spent time
  • Over 10 million people have been reached globally on the street

“We’ve worked with Deckchair for a few years; it’s painless and they always deliver. The Street Pianos website is now where it needs to be; we have more visitors, more uploads and much higher engagement.”

Luke Jerram, Owner/Artist

Partners: Simon Mosse (design), David Smith (front-end development), Oliver Humpage (back-end development).