Improving the admissions experience with research for global school group Inspired

Part of an expert team put together by independent UX consultant, Mark Hicks, our challenge was to help Inspired Education Group understand how their global admissions experience could be improved for staff and parents, and how they could translate this into an effective CRM solution that would ensure efficiency and standardisation.

As a team, we designed and conducted global, online research – interviews, group workshops, and surveys – getting under the skin of parents and staff across the world to understand their needs alongside that of the business. An important part of this was identifying the diversity and variety of needs and approaches in different schools – we collaborated with schools in Spain, South Africa, Asia, South America, and more. 

We mapped variations, recorded best practices, uncovered problem areas and opportunities for improvement, visualising a current-state and recommended future-state process for the group. The outputs included journey maps, personas, a matrix of technology systems, and a service design blueprint.

Our insight helped Inspired to understand their staff and parents, how to serve them, and improve what they do. Crucially our research also highlighted that they were about to integrate with a CRM misaligned with their needs. We instead helped them identify a CRM suited to all stakeholders, avoiding costly future rework. 

“It was a great experience working with Mark and the team. They brought a wealth of expertise to help us map Inspired school’s customer experiences and business processes. The business value of the work is demonstrated by the shaping and validation of technology choices made by the business.” Ian Field, Global Strategic CRM Consultant.

Mark’s in-depth case study: 
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