Understanding your audience – delivering actionable insight

Having a deep understanding of your customers is key to a successful organisation. Through proven techniques we help uncover customer insight and provide actionable and practical recommendations that will make a measurable difference to your membership services.

How we help

Here’s how we helped Chew Valley Trees

Designing membership products and services that engage your audience

We help you get clarity around your organisation’s goals and objectives. We combine customer insight and our understanding of how people interact with technology to design exceptional digital experiences that deliver measurable results.

How we help
  • Discovery workshops – Bringing key stakeholders together, we’ll facilitate workshops to explore and define your organisation’s customers and objectives. Getting everyone aligned before you start is key to any project.
  • Digital strategy – Define an actionable plan that meets both business and customer needs.
  • Customer research and testing – Test your assumptions and get valuable feedback before you spend your budget on fixing the wrong thing.
  • Customer experience map and Information architecture – Design the blueprint for your services to create a seamless experience for your members. Establish a shared understanding of how your services are delivered and unearth where to focus your effort for improvement.
  • Content strategy – Content is critical but often overlooked. We’ll help you define what content you need, what you can evolve, and a plan to create, manage and deliver it.
  • Wireframing and rapid prototyping – Define the detail of your service as early as possible with fully designed prototypes to reduce time and budget. This enables you to test early with members and share with stakeholders so you can get amends and useful feedback before you’ve built something costly.

Here’s how we helped The Aerosol Society

Digital transformation that puts your customer at the heart of your organisation

We will work with your internal team to embed the thinking, techniques and processes that help your organisation to deliver membership experiences that behave in the way your customers want and which deliver the results you need.

How we help
  • Head of UX – Sometimes you need the experience and skills of a senior UX practitioner to provide leadership and support but you don’t want them on the payroll.
  • In-context training workshops – Harness the power of UX in your organisation through practical training at your location. Upskill your team and improve the results of your digital projects.
  • Individual training – upskill a specific member of staff, or break into the UX industry with our 10 week part-time UX Design course.
  • Process audit – We’ll review your current digital process, recommending improvements and facilitating the change process.

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