UX Services

You’re a data-led, membership or research organisation that wants to make a positive impact on the world.

What’s your digital problem?

You’re experts in your domain – but you lack the digital expertise to commercialise your knowledge into a successful product or service.

You have a digital proposition or existing solution – be it a website, product or application – that can change the world, but you’re not sure where to start work, or how to make it truly sing for your audience.

You want to know what you can do right now to solve the right problem in the most practical, lean way possible.

Solve the right problem faster – and deliver a better, more human product.

Through a proven combination of consultancy, facilitation and training, we help data-led, membership and research organisations create commercially viable and successful digital products.

We collaborate with you to:

  • Determine and prioritise the problems that your product needs to solve now
  • Understand the needs of the humans who will use your product or service
  • Define a tangible, actionable solution, based on evidence and expertise
3 steps to better products
  1. Bitesize research to understand your audience better and know how you can help them – user experience audits, remote testing and interviews that give you actionable insight and practical recommendations in a short, sharp format – no daunting reports to digest.
  2. One strategy workshop to define a roadmap and feature-set for your product – you’ll leave with a clear plan for where to begin, what to prioritise, what Version One looks like, and a tangible set of actions to take into development.
  3. Collaborative design sprints to give you a tangible solution in 4-8 days – execute new features or entire digital services, apps or websites. From defining value proposition to high-fidelity prototyping, we take you from zero to tangible solution in 4-8 days.
Organisations we’ve helped

IEA, Centrepoint, Enginuity, NHS - Deckchair client logos

“Not only did we have a complex product, different audiences and potential uses of the product, but we had different ideas of what constituted  ‘good’ within the internal team. We needed to develop a coherent message and translate it into a professional solution quickly.

Becky and Ollie have an expert ability to assimilate complex information and focus us on the pains and gains of our potential customers. Their collaborative and coordinated process enabled rapid results.”

Dr Maria Noguer, Programme Manager. The Institute for Environmental Analytics

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