Informing the RSPCA Lottery redesign with interviews and user testing

The RSPCA’s strategy and creative partner Campfire needed expert help to conduct user research. They wanted to validate their assumptions on how best to redesign the lottery experience, and better understand the lottery player’s experience.

We carried out:

  • UX Audit of the existing user experience
  • Interviews and moderated testing with current players and those who don’t yet play
  • An in-depth report featuring key findings and practical recommendations for improvement

“Just to let you know I have finished the research. It was very enjoyable. Thank you to the researcher for letting me make a difference.”

Barbara, a participant

“It’s really great to see all the outputs and to see trends too. There’s some clear, quick wins as well as strategic decisions to consider, so it’s all really useful insight.”

Alice, Planner at Campfire