54% increase in annual membership for The Aerosol Society

A scientific, non-profit organisation aimed at extending knowledge and supporting the study of airborne particles, The Aerosol Society has existed for over 30 years. They have a strong membership base and offer multiple events throughout the year, their biggest being the globally renowned annual DDL Conference.

They had a collection of websites that were dated and unable to service their membership needs. The websites were a key barrier to membership sales and event tickets and the cost of upkeep was over £10K per annum. The challenge was to help them better engage and retain members, increase event attendance and present the society as a leading, community knowledge base.

We conducted user research to help them understand their audience better, and collaborated with them to define their digital strategy, prioritising the feature-set of their website.

The outcomes included tweaking their membership model to create a more simple purchase model and evolving their entire digital presence into one seamless website that offered an exceptional experience for their members.

We’re very proud that we helped them achieve:

  • 54% increase in annual membership in year one after the website launch
  • Record-breaking increase in attendance for their annual conference
  • Sales increase of £96K
  • Reduced annual website maintenance costs from £11K to £2.6K
  • Website cost was met by sales increase in year one