100% increase in Roses Theatre on-site revenue

The Roses serves over 80,000 people annually, entertaining and educating its audience through a varied events programme.

They had a great following, but online the story was different – website conversions were low due to a lack of event information and a complicated booking journey.

The challenge was to increase ticket sales online.

After conducting a user experience audit of the site and working with the team to define their digital strategy and prioritise the feature-set of their website, a solution for how to improve conversion was clear.

Events became the focus of the website, with attention-grabbing imagery, bright colour and a clear layout to highlight key facts. Booking became accomplishable via one click. Enhanced search and clearer navigation ensured content was accessible. And finally, the site was built responsively to enhance mobile use.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 100% increase in revenue and conversion
  • 30% increase in website visits
  • 100% increase in mobile visits

“Ollie and Becky were leaps and bounds ahead of the rest with regards to their service right from the start. They wanted to ensure they understood our needs as best they could. We were happy with our choice at the time, and we are still happy three years on.”

Beckie Smith, Director of Marketing and Development 

Partners: Simon Mosse (design), David Smith (development).