From zero to prototype in a 4-day design sprint with The IEA

With their new renewable energy planning app* soon to go live, The Institute for Environmental Analytics needed to overhaul their digital presence to market and gather interest for the app.

The existing site had some useful content, but was mostly outdated and not customer-centric enough. The new app has multiple audiences and uses and the internal team hadn’t yet reached a consensus on the best approach. 

In 4 days we:

  • Developed a coherent message and approach through solidifying their value proposition with their core audience needs
  • Audited their existing marketing content to pull out as much reusable content as possible
  • Defined a site map and collectively sketched potential solutions
  • Created a high-fidelity, designed interactive prototype of the new site
  • Tested and refined the prototype, making it ready for development

“Not only did we have a complex product, different audiences and potential uses of the product, but we had different ideas of what constituted  ‘good’ within the internal team. We needed to develop a coherent message and translate it into a professional solution quickly.

Becky and Ollie have an expert ability to assimilate complex information and focus us on the pains and gains of our potential customers. Their collaborative and coordinated process enabled rapid results.”

Dr. Maria Noguer, Programme Manager. The Institute for Environmental Analytics

Partners involved in this project

* We also collaborated with The IEA to overhaul the user experience of the app, to better engage their members and deliver more value. We scoped the MVP with them, providing a prioritised list of features and roadmap for this next version. Next we ran design sprints alongside their development team to prototype the improved user experience and interface of the app, and ready it for launch.