User experience

Our impartial and independent audits gather evidence and help you prioritise what to do next.

Websites are complex beasts and they should evolve with your business. Before you jump head first into improvements or a rebuild you need to establish why it isn’t performing. Then you can work with facts and prioritise improvements to get the results you need.

Our audits bring clarity and often become our clients’ go-to reference for how to improve their site. We put ourselves in the shoes of your users and feedback based on the actual journeys that they take on your site, in a constructive and revealing report.

The audit covers core journeys, landing pages, content structure, calls to action and analytics; to build an accurate picture of what’s really going on.

What’s the process?

We discover your objectives, what you know about your customer and identify the key journeys that your users take. Your website is analysed based on the user journeys and encompasses many aspects such as usability, navigation, content, information architecture, calls to action and usage statistics. We provide you with a report that contains analysis and prioritised recommendations, created with your business objectives in mind.

Why do an audit?

  • Unearth the facts about what works and doesn’t
  • Gain insight into your website analytics and shed light on what happens to your visitors
  • Validate your assumptions and existing strategies
  • Prioritise the tasks needed to evolve and improve the site and quickly measure the impact
  • Rather than rebuild, find out how to fix it
  • If you are rebuilding, learn from the current site and build with that knowledge

When should you do an audit?

  • Your website isn’t performing for your business and you’re not 100% sure why
  • Users are visiting your website, but they aren’t converting
  • You think you need to redesign and rebuild your website from scratch
  • You haven’t evolved your website for a long time

What do you get?

  • Insight into what your users are currently doing
  • Clarity on what to do next and a starting point for future developments
  • A visual report that includes analysis and recommendations, and can be used as a reference for any future development
  • Impartial and independent view from experts in usability

What our clients say

“Deckchair’s audits provide both subjective and factual analysis of each website.  It’s an incredibly valuable point of reference and it’s proved invaluable in improving user experience and conversion across our client base. Becky and Ollie’s approach is meticulous, methodical and practical.”

Janusz Stabik, Digital Strategist


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