Lite customer

Cost-effective, low-barrier customer research provides valuable insight on how to improve your website.

“Why aren’t customers engaging with our website?” The best way to find out is to ask the customer directly. You may have ideas about what might be wrong, but customer research is seen as just too costly and complicated to consider. That’s why we’ve developed a lite version of customer research – remote user testing – because we want every digital project to benefit from the insight that customer research can provide, without sucking up vast time and budget.

What’s the process?

Our lite customer research collates real people to carry out a set of tasks on your website. We record their mouse and screen activity whilst they provide structured feedback on their experience. Our User Experience consultants then analyse the results and provide you with a report that includes clear and easy to implement recommendations for improvements. We also share with you the video footage.

When should you do remote user testing?

  • Users are visiting our website, but not converting or buying
  • We can see users exiting or dropping off in Analytics, but don’t know the reason
  • We’ve added new features or functionality and need to make sure it works
  • We’ve got some assumptions about how to evolve our site to serve our users better
  • Our prototype needs to be tested before we build or launch it

Why do remote user testing?

  • Learn about the real needs and pains of your customers and how to create a site that works for them
  • Save time and money by getting the insight upfront and reducing the risk on your project
  • Get your whole team on the same page and move from opinion-led projects to evidence-based projects
  • Get an objective, expert analysis of research findings
  • High impact vs low cost provides an impressive return on investment

What do you get?

  • Video and audio footage of 6 real people using your website, for you to share and return to throughout the project
  • A report that analyses the findings and provides clear recommendations for improvement

What our clients say

“Since making the changes suggested by the customer research, our online revenue has increased by 147% and our conversions are up by 87% – that’s huge. Customer research was not something we had commissioned before. By finding out what our customers needed and building the website around them, it’s led to excellent results for our business.”

Simon Scarth, Managing Director, Chew Valley Trees.


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