Hi-fidelity prototypes quickly bring your ideas to life, reduce the risk of failure and shorten your time to market, for a much lower cost than traditional design-build processes.

Digital products and systems are complex entities that serve many needs and offer a huge suite of functionality for your users. Too often they become outdated, cumbersome and awkward to use, pushing your customers towards your competitors.

Your no.1 priority is to evolve and improve it, regaining the trust of your customers, but often this innovation comes at huge cost. You’ve had to wait months to see anything tangible, meaning you’re lacking stakeholder buy-in and you haven’t yet been able to test with your users. Worse, your budget is sucked up and the product is only half-built.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We’ve developed a method for the alpha stage of your project, that delivers a working prototype, designed and ready.

What’s the process?

We work closely with you and your team to rapidly visualise features and functionality, integrating design directly into the prototype. This cuts out the need for a separate design phase.

We work in sprints, so collaborate and share with you on a regular basis. You’ll be able to see and influence progress at all points, and we advocate regular involvement with the development team and key stakeholders.

Why do it?

  • Get an online, interactive prototype that looks and feels real
  • Promote and market the potential new features before you build them
  • Get buy-in from stakeholders and customers early
  • Test and iterate quickly and early
  • No more unwieldy technical specifications that are time-consuming and ignored
  • Provide a working model that the development team can work from directly
  • Follow a lean design process
  • Save money by failing fast and early
  • Demo interactions and transitions

What do you get?

A prototype that:

  • Is interactive
  • Is hi-fidelity – branded and fully designed to look like the final product
  • Is responsive
  • Demos the user journeys of your system
  • Demos interaction, transitions and functionality
  • Provides a real, useable blueprint for your web development team

Support from a user experience consultant who will not only deliver the prototype in collaboration with you but help you demo it and liaise with your development team during the build

What our clients say

“The prototypes cut out a lot of the misunderstanding between the development team and the product team. We’ve been able to show our development team what we’re really after.

The high fidelity Axure prototype did save us time and gave us ‘double value’ – it’s given us the ability to demonstrate functionality to customers early. Being able to show the customer at the prototyping stage rather than at the end is fantastic. It allows the customer to get a feel for what we can do. A real driver for us is to say we’re going to commit to this and show we’re going to do it.  

Deckchair was flexible. It’s worked really, really well. It wasn’t like some consultancy firms I’ve worked with before where you get the big hitters in the sale meetings, then very junior people later. We could establish a relationship from the beginning.”

Arturo Dell, CTO, HouseMark


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