Head of UX

Sometimes you need the experience and skills of a senior UX practitioner to provide leadership and offer support to your team as they develop their UX capabilities. You need something more than a freelancer who comes in for a specific project and then leaves with their knowledge, but you don’t need them full time and you don’t want them on the payroll full time.

To leverage the insight and strategic understanding of a Head of UX that you’d find in a large organisation but for a much more manageable budget, we offer a service whereby one of our Directors, Becky or Ollie, will become your designated Head of UX and can help –

  • Set the strategic direction for UX in your organisation
  • Coach and mentor staff with UX responsibility
  • Work on key proposals, pitches and kick-off meetings
  • Help with UX team structure, recruitment and training
  • Work with the team to design best in class UX processes and practices

They will work on-site for between 2-4 days a month depending on the size and requirements of your business. We offer discounts on fees for contracts for over 8 months.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.