Smarter thinking, deeper insight, better UX.

We partner with agencies and business leaders who want to create digital experiences that behave in the way the customer wants, and which deliver the results the business needs.

We discover what needs to be achieved, suggest how best to do it, then carefully test and refine until the solution is as good as it can be. Our work brings clarity, focus and confidence to everything from planning to implementation, and results in beautifully useful experiences that are more measurable, more profitable and more enjoyable.

Over the last 10 years we have grown Deckchair into one of the leading digital consultancies in Bristol. Our top floor studio sits on the lovely Park Street in central Bristol. We proudly share our space with many other creatives, from animators and photographers through to designers, developers and other UXers, all of whom we collaborate with on a regular basis.

Ollie loves to solve problems. He spends time getting under the skin of what the client wants and the user needs. He works on strategies, user interface design and directs the technical aspects of a project.

Digital Strategy // UI Designer // Technical Director //

Becky pores over the detail. She’s the organised one. She handles the research and discovery, focusing on structure and content; ensuring projects run smoothly and our clients and partners are well supported.

Project Director // Content Strategy // UX Designer //

Harry loves to make things work. He takes our ideas and designs and turns them in to rock solid, responsive digital experiences. He also fixes things when they stop working.

UX Developer // Support //

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