User experience design training

We run a 10 week part time User Experience Design course in Bristol teaching key UX design skills

  • Help those transitioning into the UX industry
  • Further your digital career
  • Leverage new skills and thinking in your current position

In partnership with digital skills accelerator DevelopMe, Deckchair teachers the key skills required to practice UX, enabling you to research, define, design and develop successful digital services based upon user-centred design principles.  

The course covers both the ‘mindset’ and application of User Experience Design and provides a deeper understanding of the methods, tools and processes of working as a UX Designer.

The course is structured around a live client project, giving practical opportunities to embed working methods and techniques as well as ensuring you have a real portfolio of work.

For the September 2018 cohort, the live project was for Penny Brohn UK, a well established charity who help those who have been affected by cancer.

To sign up or find out more about the course

We also design bespoke UX training for clients. If you’d like to chat about how we could help you please contact